Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Admiral Ackbar groundswell

Now that Ole Miss students have decided to cast about for a new mascot (see post below), one candidate has already reared his sizable Mon Calamari head: the Rebel Alliance's Admiral Ackbar.

The movement has already generated a Web site and a Facebook page. For more on the Admiral's place in the "Star Wars" galaxy, click here.

Besides, it's well-documented that Nick Saban IS Darth Vader.


Anonymous said...


Ian said...

They're not prepared to repel school spirit of this magnitude!

J said...

Nick Saban is not Darth Vader. He is Ben Stein, only more stiff and robotic.

Michael said...

One other difference J: Next year, Saban will be on TV a helluva lot more.


Michael said...

Bama . . . Bama . . . Bama