Wednesday, February 17, 2010

For your expansion edification: History and money

* Florida State's efforts through the years to join the SEC.

* Why Georgia Tech left the conference in the first place, according to Bobby Dodd's book. (There had already been bad blood between Dodd and Bear Bryant from the Chick Graning incident in 1961. The next year, Sports Illustrated used the 'Bama-Tech game as a way to take a larger look at "brutal football.")

* A look at some of the bucks -- the big bucks -- that go with being in the SEC:
TV contracts -- $17 million per year per team. (ACC: $5.6 million.)
BCS bowl payouts -- $22 million to the conference. (And more on top of that from other bowls: the SEC's formula for bowl revenue distribution is outlined here.)

* And, finally, here's what Clemson itself has to say about one of its "priority goals": "In Division 1-A athletics, there is generally a strong correlation between the competitive success of an athletics program and the sufficiency of its resources. To achieve its Mission as well as its 2010 goals, Clemson athletics must maximize all existing and potential revenue sources to fund the Department's annual operations and capital initiatives."