Thursday, February 11, 2010

ESPN Early Rankings . . . Teams line up to take best shots against SEC

For the heckuva it, we'll post this early Top 25 from Mark Schlabach of ESPN. Bama is at the top, despite the need of virtually an entire new defense. The next SEC school, Florida, only rounds out the Top 10.

Arkansas and Georgia seem a little high to me; the Gators and LSU, assuming they get better quarterback play, a little low.

In short, not a smashing endorsement of the world's best football conference for the 2010 season. Let's just see what happens when the games start.



Anonymous said...

LSU not being ranked higher was the biggest suprise for me. I was also suprised Auburn didnt make the rankings. If Chizik can coach half as well as he recruits, look out for Auburn.

Anonymous said...

Bama does need 9 starters on defense but there is plenty of talent that has seen some playing time already. Plus we are getting Hightower back and Saban is as good as there is in developing players. It may take a few games but the defense will be fine and the offense will be better.

Is it September yet? RTR!

J said...

Anon 8:30 - We already know Gene can coach, or at least how to surround himself with good assistants. We went 8-5 with a 1/1 bowl win with essentially the same team that went 5-7 the year before. Expectations will be quite high - 10 wins and a major bowl win will probably be expected. They absolutely should be one of the top 25 to start the season.

Ar-Kansas?????? Are you freaking kidding me? Petrino is a fantastic recruiter and a horrible game-day coach. No way are they top 25. I am so looking forward to them coming to get the butt-kicking due them down on the plains this year.

Anonymous said...

Hey J. You don't think Arkansas should be ranked but Aubarn should? Are you fricking kidding yourself? Arkansas is returning the majority of its starters. The same team that STOMPED Aubarn's butt last year.

Are you having memory problems? The Aubarn Arkie game wasn't even close. BTW Arkansas also won the same number of games as Aubarn did last year.

I look forward to seeing Arkie kick Aubarn's butt for the 3rd straight year. Yes, I will be at the game. WPS

Anonymous said...

And the UNC-CH hype machine starts! Attention: Not one of UNC's defensive "stars" were projected to be first rounders this year. And they still have a subpar QB. That's a big problem. Geaux Tigers!

Michael said...

The opening game between LSU and the Heels should be a hoot. And since Alabama is not playing, for the first time in three years I'll actually enjoy the game.

It should be a good one. LSU needs to find a consistent defense and a consistent quaterback. Both make way too many mistakes.

J said...

No, anon 10:24, I don't have memory problems. I remember Ar-Kansas blowing Auburn out last year. And the only reason they matched Auburn's win total is because Les Miles completely forgot how to tell time in the Pigs-Bengals game.

The Pigs recruiting class is incredibly average, and although Petrino knows how to gameplan, you can only go so far with average athletes. The Pigs will finish 5th in the SEC West, ahead of only the bumbling Houston Nutt and his even less impressive roster of players.

You will not enjoy your visit to the plains this year.