Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Signing day: Let the hysteria begin

We'll update through the day as the news transpires and the mood strikes ...

* N.C. updates coming in from Ken Tysiac at

* Threads all over are up and running. Here's ESPN's, and here's's.

* I don't usually go in for bashing other blogs -- I'm proud to be as ill-informed as the next person -- but I had to laugh a little when I came across this posting: "Marcus Lattimore announcement: Why his signing propels Gamecocks into SEC elite." (Never mind that most top-10 lists include 5 SEC schools not located in Columbia.) -- rtr

* And here's how the Lattimore announcement played out, with a cameo by Auburn's Stephen Davis. (Story here.) High drama in a church setting. (Go here or here if the video below isn't showing on your screen.)

* SI's Andy Staples lists the 15 best recruiting classes ever. ('Bama 2008 is already on the list.) And here's Staples on how Pete Carroll leaving Southern Cal changed the recruiting landscape.

* 20 -- count 'em, 20 -- signing day guarantees from MaxPreps. Make of it what you will, and save for future reference.

* Off-topic, but looking forward to Boise State-Virginia Tech on Labor Day. Between that and 'Bama-Penn State and Tennessee-Oregon and LSU-North Carolina, there'll be a lot of September shakeout this year.


Anonymous said...

Any more rumblings about the UT recruit that claimed UNC's DT coach offered a bribe in exchange for a commitment? That is extremely unethical.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe there is much behind that claim. It was posted on his Facebook page for less than 5 minutes. Also, he wasn't happy with UNC switching Willis. Emotional kids say stupid things, but this is clearly a no-story.