Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SEC vs. Big Ten: Super Bowl edition

No contest this year.

* Game MVP Drew Brees (Purdue).
* Pierre Thomas (Illinois) scores for Saints.
* Tracy Porter (Indiana) picks off Peyton Manning (UT).
* Dallas Clark (Iowa) had the most receiving yards of anybody.

The best the SEC could do was LSU's Joseph Addai and Devery Henderson.

Meanwhile, the Tebow ads brought a ton of attention to Focus on the Family. USA Today has the numbers here.


J said...

The Tebow ad was boring, like most of the commercials. Other than the Dorritos, Coke and Snickers ads, they were all a waste.

Considering how bad the Colts running game has been this year, Addai had a very good game. He was better than Thomas.

Now, if the Colts had not cut Devin Aromashadu a couple years ago, he could have done at least as well as Austin Collie. :-))