Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SEC vs. Big Ten: Super Bowl edition

No contest this year.

* Game MVP Drew Brees (Purdue).
* Pierre Thomas (Illinois) scores for Saints.
* Tracy Porter (Indiana) picks off Peyton Manning (UT).
* Dallas Clark (Iowa) had the most receiving yards of anybody.

The best the SEC could do was LSU's Joseph Addai and Devery Henderson.

Meanwhile, the Tebow ads brought a ton of attention to Focus on the Family. USA Today has the numbers here.


Anonymous said...

The Tebow ad was boring, like most of the commercials. Other than the Dorritos, Coke and Snickers ads, they were all a waste.

Considering how bad the Colts running game has been this year, Addai had a very good game. He was better than Thomas.

Now, if the Colts had not cut Devin Aromashadu a couple years ago, he could have done at least as well as Austin Collie. :-))