Thursday, February 4, 2010

An Urban Oasis of Stability in Gainesville

So say you're one of the dozen or more blue-chip defensive players that helped Florida land perhaps the best recruiting class in the country on Wednesday.

So one day into the latest round of Gator Euphoria, here's what's going on: Urban Meyer, your future head coach, begins an indefinite leave of absence to deal with serious health issues. Oh, and the defensive coordinator you signed to play for has dumped you for Buffalo.

Funny, none of the stories we've read on the suspect address the central question: Did the recruits know that George Edwards was taking a job with the Bills?

Edwards has only been on the job a month. And call us cynical if you like, but it's hard to imagine he got out of bed Thursday with a sudden yearning for snow squalls, parkas and pale skin.
In other words, he and Meyer had to know what was up for at least a couple of days.

So the question remains: Did the kids know? Or did Meyer make an executive decision that it was in the best interest of their development as student-athletes to be kept in the dark? Not that the EXPATS would infer that Meyer's sympathies lay with salvaging his top-rated recruiting class?

Maybe the papers who cover the Gators might ask the question and we can clear all this up. We'll let you know what answer comes back. In the meantime, chomp-chomp.



J said...

I don't know that it would. If we know nothing else about Urban Meyer, we know he is the best salesman the world has ever seen. If GM had him they never would have gone bankrupt. I'll bet most of these kids would have chosen Florida if a trained monkey was D-coordinator.

BTW, I'm enjoying a little bit of smug satisfaction that Mr. Clinched Butt-Cheeks was unsuccessful at his attempt to steal Coleman away.

Anonymous said...

First of all, this guy was in Gainesville for less than 4 weeks and was not involved in any recruit signing with UF. In fact, he failed on the 2 biggest names he was supposed to reel in - Hicks and Jones.

Secondly, Edwards told Foley that it was only 50/50 that he would interview with Buffalo, then took the interview and accepted the job ON National Signing Day.

It doesn't bother me that an unproven commodity bolted a top defense that just reloaded with so many great recruits...for BUFFALO?
3 years he'll be back on the street and the Gators will still be rocking along at the top of the polls. And Urban Meyer will still be the head coach.

Michael said...


Weren't you the guy who said he could care less about recruiting? Guess you'll take your moral victories over Alabama anywhere you can find them.

In that spirit, congrats for holding on to a kid who'd been committed to you for almost a year.

We would love to have him. RDT/WDE.