Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Danielson on Cam, a playoff and the irrelevance of NASCAR

Unblaring headline of the week: Gary Danielson has no shortages of opinions. That, in my opinion, makes him the best color analyst in the game, and a heckuva one-on-one interview.

Check out this chat with Jon Solomon of the Birmingham News. Among the topics: Can anybody stop Auburn's quarterback?

By the way, he make many of the same points Tuesday morning on WFNZ in Charlotte. With one exception: He said "Cam Newton and Alabama are a little better than I thought they'd be . . ."

Oh the humanity.



Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with Danielson on his take on the SEC East. It has much less to do with great teams knocking each other off and much more to do with serious flaws with each team. SC doesn't have the killer instinct to close games out, Kentucky is very weak on defense, Florida is very weak on offense, Georgia has talent but little focus, and Tennessee and Vandy simply don't have enough players. By contrast, the West has powerful offenses (Auburn, 'Bama, Ar-Kansas) and powerful defenses (Misipi St, LSU) that can overwhelm the opponent and carry the team to victory. There is just a wider gap between the quality of teams in the West vs the East that hasn't been there before. Florida and Georgia will be elite again; they simply get too many good players over time to stay down for long. We'll see what Tennessee and Kentucky can do with their new young coaches. And TOBC seems to have brought SC to its highest level the program has ever been, where going to a bowl every year is a reasonable expectation. There's no hope for Vandy. We should send them to Conference USA or something.

So we just happen to be in a spot where several SEC East schools are down at the same time.

I did take note of his shot at NASCAR. Someone should send that to Bruton Smith, who thinks NASCAR races should be moved to 2 PM start time because he thinks football fans will get bored and turn over to a "real sport."