Friday, October 1, 2010

Florida-Bama: A tale of the tape -- police tape, that is

Interesting comparison of the arrest records of players under Urban Meyer and Nick Saban. Suffice to say, Gator fans would love such a mismatch when the two teams square off Saturday night in Tuscaloosa.

For now, though, some national pundits look at the arrest numbers and accuse Meyer of running an out-of-control program. Mark Richt is receiving similar heat at Georgia, where off-the-field deportment of the players has become a bigger issue as the Dogs' season teeters on the brink.

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Anonymous said...

LSU fans smell like corn dogs

Anonymous said...

I have never understood why they call a free ride through college as a football player a "scholar"ship.

Many of these thugs don't even come close to being scholars.

The fact that Alabama has bragging rights for keeping their players out of jail is simply pathetic at best.

It shouldn't even be an issue.

Maybe they should be honest and just offer thugships.