Friday, October 8, 2010

Who ya got -- Week 6

Tommy T.:

Alabama at South Carolina: Well, this is it for USC -- their chance to prove they belong with the SEC's best, their shot at an SEC title game (in a weakened SEC East), their moment to reward all their fans for all that suffering over the years. If they played 100 times, Alabama might win 75. But it's one game, in Columbia, with so much at stake. This time, the stars align. USC, 16-10.

Tennessee at Georgia: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Steve Hummer did a great job drawing an obvious comparison this week: Is Mark Richt turning into the new Phil Fulmer? Lord help us all. My "friend" Mike G. has decided to start calling the noon SEC game The Bulldog Slot. I don't care if we play at 4 in the morning as long as we beat somebody. Let it be this week, please. Dawgs, 23-20.

LSU at Florida: Florida's better, but Les Miles is on the Vegas-craps-tables run of the century. I fully expect this game to come down to a last-second play where the Florida kicker accidentally boots the game-winning field goal through the wrong goalposts. LSU, 19-18.

Auburn at Kentucky: Scarier than you might expect. War Eagles, 27-24.

Arkansas 33, Texas A&M 20

Vandy 42, Eastern Michigan 17

Mississippi State 24, Houston 21

Michael Gordon

Alabama at South Carolina: Mr. Tomlinson, whose brainwaves have been scrambled by Georgia's sudden return to generational mediocrity, is like a husband trapped on the wrong end of an argument. The facts, his friends and everything else lines up with the wife, but he sticks to his guns like a polyster-clad bulldog clings to his ice bags under the Athens sun.

Mr. Tomlinson, you see, still believes Alabama will lose three games this year. As such, the Gamecocks must win Saturday for his prophecy to come true.

Carolina has a puncher's chance. They are very good. They dare to be better. And they don't want this to be the last big game they play under Steve Spurrier. That said, South Carolina can't win on its own. It still needs more help than Alabama is likely to give. One last thing to mull: If Alabama is to lose three, it will have to play as badly as Georgia. Like I said, Tide, 28-18.

Tennessee at Georgia: Dooley the Younger's Baker's Dozen Road Show stops in Athens for another brunch-time kickoff. Georgia has played in the midday slot so often that it's about to announce a longterm endorsement deal with Mrs. Butterworth. Bigger news: Mark Richt will be leading his team onto the field for the first time. A naked Herschel Walker(check out ESPN) would make for a better entrance. Georgia by a big wet nose: 21-18.

LSU at Florida: Has there ever been an undefeated coach more maligned than Les Miles? After Saturday night, all that earlier abuse will seem like polite chit-chat between inlaws at a Baptist wedding reception. We hope you like the cheese straws, Mr. Miles. Florida, 24-13.

Auburn at Kentucky: Only on The Plains is roadtrip considered a dirty word. At home, Auburn has emerged as one of the country's most dynamic teams. But qb Cameron Newton must show that he travels well, even if the opponent is the perpetually lackluster Kentucky. Still, it's an interesting measuring stick for Auburn. Tigers, 35-24

Eastern Michigan at Vandy: Wow, we thought only Ohio State played MAC teams. Vandy, I think, 24-21

Arkansas at Texas A&M: The Hog defenders better make some stops or Ryan Mallett's arm will fall off. This one has upset written all over it, except the Big 12 is so bad it should have broken up just to save everybody the embarrassment. Hogs, 44-35

Miss. State at Houston: Big, big game for the Mullen regime, and the Bulldog defense gets them through. Bullies: 24-21.


Anonymous said...

Who is the luckiest human being in history? I have 3 nominations:

* The guy that won the $360 million lottery
* Greg McElroy, the David Hasselhoff of Alabama football – the halfway decent QB that just happened to be the QB for the best 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade teams the state of Alabama has ever produced and then proceeded to enroll at Tuscaloosa and ride other people’s coattails to a million straight college wins
* Les Miles

I’m going with Miles, by a whisker over Hasselhoff.

On to the picks:

‘Bama at South Carolina – This just might be the best SC team ever, one of only a handful of SC teams that have ever had any national relevance. Problem is, the same could be said of the 2009-10 Tide. Very close, but no cigar. The Evil Empire 28, Fightin’ Chickens 27

LSU at Florida – The question is, who is more motivated – the team that got blown out or the team that won when they should have lost? Also, who's going to bet against Miles' lucky streak? Everything remains the same – Gators play better, LSU wins, Cajuns keep calling for Miles’ head. LSU 24, Gators 21

Tennessee at Georgia – Tennessee is getting harder to figure out than Misipi. UGA is a train wreck. UT plays down to their competition, and squeaks by. Vols 24, Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 21

Ar-Kansas at Texas A&M – Hogs have a ‘Bama hangover, but have enough aspirin to make it through. Ar-Kansas 23, TA&M 20

Eastern Michigan at Vanderbilt – Not even the worst SEC team is bad enough to lose to a MAC team. Is it? Vandy 17, EMU 14

Misipi State at Houston – MSU is lucky enough to get Houston after they lost their QB. Misipi State 34, Houston 21

Auburn at Kentucky – I get nauseated every time I think about this game. Every year, we lose 1 or 2 games we have absolutely no business losing. UK at home last year is a perfect example. Watching our run defense is ulcer-producing, so Locke & Cobb should be salivating. UK has enough holes in their defense to allow a couple big plays. The perfect record, and my ulcer development, remain on schedule. WAR EAGLE 31, Kentucky 24

Last week’s record: 5-2
Season record: 34-9

Anonymous said...

McElroy played 8-12th grade football in Texas. Know your facts before you start blaming luck...

Michael said...

J, would that be the luckiest quarterback of all time who brought Alabama back from 14-0 last year in the cow pasture, including a lil ol' 80-yard drive late in the fourth quarter?

Would that be the same lucky so-in-so who outplayed the Baby Tebow in Atlanta?

You need a new line bud. Hasselhoff is still dancing and McElroy is still undefeated.

Bud said...

Hey Bama ! Cocks just beat the hell oughta you ! Go Dawgs !