Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dawg fans: Meet Mo and Jo

1-4 record aside, three things never change at Georgia.

1. The Dawg fans may lead the SEC in the decibel-level of their moral outrage, though their team's performance through the years has not exactly been top tier.

2. Another fat white bulldog is about to be offered up as a canine sacrifice to Saturday afternoons in Athens. The ice trucks are standing ready. The grave has already been dug.

3. And nothing will ever be better than Herschel Walker. (If for some reason you want to skip Diana Taurasi and the women's volleyball team, Walker is no. 19.)

Will an old Herschel and a new UGA save the Georgia season? Certainly not. But the team's greatest player in the buff and a new dog in the red sweater may salvage a bit of Dawg mojo.

Having Tennessee and Vandy as its next two opponents doesn't hurt either.


Anonymous said...

How did the Vols game work for ya last year...I'm sure you were singing the same song then.

Michael said...


Got no dog (Uga vs. Smokey) in this fight. But I have to imagine that given how the Vols lost last week, UT has a deeper hole to climb out of by kickoff.

Anonymous said...

The bad part is UT has a reason to be down......UGA should be playing good ball

Anonymous said...

What I can't figure out is why Christian LeMay wants to be part of this mess. Or why any blue-chipper wants to be part of the Rocky Top mess.