Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meanwhile . . . to the east of here

Trust me: Have some Dramamine handy before you read this.

Tony Barnhart at the AJC goes through the various competitive spasms that could determine who plays Auburn or Alabama in the SEC Championship in December.

Florida, Georgia and South Carolina remain very much alive. The Roosters and Lizards still control their own fates. The fat white Dawgs do not, given their early-season roll-over-and-play-dead against South Carolina (and yes, that was written by an Alabama fan).

But given UGA's early struggles, it's borderline amazing the school still has a strong shot of reaching Atlanta. Unlike its competitors, Mark Richt's group is playing its best football of the season.

Like I said, read for yourself. Just know that motion sickness is a real possibility.



Anonymous said...

What a mess!

At this point I'm inclined to say the score of the SEC title game will be SEC West winner 38, SEC East winner 14. Doesn't matter who either team is.

The cocktail party is going to be interesting. UGA is obviously better on paper, but could they be overconfident after whipping 2 awful teams and an incredibly average one? And maybe The Diety has figured something out with his band of lizards. We shall see...

Michael said...

I think you're on to something. The Head Headache has had two weeks to sift through all that supposed talent and find something that might work.

In one respect, Gators have a simple gameplan: Break Murray and Green in half and take their chances with the rest.