Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dawg symmetry at its best . . .

Let's choose up sides.

Georgia won its second football game of 2010, with its 11 players on offense giving their best performance of the year. Not long afterward, starting tailback Caleb King became the 11th Dawg player to be arrested since spring.

That puts Georgia neck-and-neck with Florida for the Fulmer Cup, the prestigious award given to the SEC school who has the most players with bit parts in the remake of Cool Hand Luke.

To the columnists of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, this is not a good thing. The Georgia fans, more concerned about the number of Ws than the size of the team's rap sheet, seem about 70-30 on the issue.

Still unheard at this point is school president Michael Adams, who a short while back said the deportment of the players had to improve. Richt says that, too -- almost every week.

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And then check out the AJC's Jeff Schultz, who's wondering when enough is enough.

One last addition. Who doesn't love a cartoon?


Anonymous said...

Never claimed to be Brigham Young University folks..thats all Im sayin

Anonymous said...

Technically, the Fulmer Cup is for off season activity. The 2010 season ended Sept 1 and Georgia was crowned champion.


Anonymous said...

Let's not call it the Fulmer award. Let's call it the Rocky Top award. Whatever you call it, it's going to be a heck of a battle between the Big Ol' Hairy Dawgs and the Gators.