Monday, October 11, 2010

Mr. CBC loosens up and cuts loose

Nick Saban, also known by some on this board as Mr. Clenched Butt Cheeks, loosened his derrierre muscles long enough to offer editorial comment on the state of his team. His comments came when asked if his players had expected the name on their jersey to carry them through the South Carolina game, which the home Gamecocks thoroughly dominated in ending the Tide's ride on top of the polls.

Hint: Saban offers what is known in diplomatic circles as a "frank-and-open" exchange in comparing this year's team to last year's national champion.

No sense paraphrasing. Read here.

If you want to watch, go here The comment in question comes a little after the 15 minute mark.



Anonymous said...

Very impressive, Mr. CBC. I'm not sure now was the perfect time for the tirade though. As unpredictable as Misipi has been, they have no chance to beat 'Bama even on their best day. And Tennessee? Well, they could run out their 3rd-string and win that game. He might have been better served to save this gem for the LSU game, where, despite superior talent, they face an uphil battle against The Luckiest Man In The World.