Monday, March 15, 2010

Big 10 Beatdown Day II: Bookies say Bama and Buckeyes to decide BCS

Holy alliteration, Batman. But the word out of Vegas is Alabama and Ohio State are the two betting favorites to meet in the college football finale next year.

Both teams return truckloads of talent. But each has some hurdles to clear. Both teams play Penn State, and Ohio State hosts Miami in Week 2. Iowa and Wisconsin also await.

Alabama has Penn State for a second opponent. Then comes road games at Arkansas, Tennessee and LSU. The Tide also has a real shot of playing Florida twice in one season, and a ridiculous number of teams that just so happen to have scheduled off weeks before playing the defending national champs. (The soap box just collapsed from overuse on the bye-week fiasco.)

For the record: Ohio State has never beaten an SEC team in a bowl game, but that's got to change at some point. Right?

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