Monday, March 15, 2010

Big Bucks at the BSC Championship

You think everything is bigger in Texas? Not always.

Alabama spent way more on its trip to the National Championship than the Texas Longhorns.

In fact, on the surface it appears the Tide lost money on the game. But before sending your spare change to Tuscaloosa, remember that each SEC team gets a cut of the other conference schools' bowl money. Plus, think Alabama made a couple of quarters selling "Got 13?" T-shirts?

Do the math here, courtesy of the Birmingham News.

Another interesting fact: Though UT complained bitterly about its 19,000 ticket allotment, it didn't sell out what it had. Texas was last in Pasadena in 2006 (winning the title over Southern Cal in what may have been the greatest championship game ever). Despite a prominent allusion to the Rose Bowl in its fight song, Alabama's last trip took place way back in 1946, with the Tide spanking . . . USC.