Monday, March 8, 2010

A Crimson Tide rolls into the White House

We're waiting for official word that President Obama has put Nick Saban in charge of congressional lobbying on health care reform. We can here his talking points now: "Make his ass quit!" "It's all part of the pwah-cess!" Move over, Rahm. Let a real man take care of the final few votes.

OK, so maybe we're getting a little head of ourselves here and looking beyond the next game, and now doing our jobs, and neglecting the importance of the organization and overlooking the merits of the University of Auburn. Sorry, this Sabanspeak is contagious.

For now, we'll stick to the script and the photo ops and well, read for yourself here on how Alabama's visit Monday with the president turned out. Be sure to take time for the video, and the big
ol' Roll Tide the Boss gives at the end. (Not bad for a neighborhood organizer, not bad at all).

By the way, I hear Saban and Obama got out their I-phones to settle on a date for next year, too.