Friday, March 12, 2010

Tide needs all the help it can get

Alabama, which will vying for its 83rd national championship next year, may get a little help toward its goal from the SEC.

According to the Birmingham News, the conference is looking into a 2010 schedule that has the Tide's last six conference opponents facing Alabama after a bye week.

Given that the SEC schedule was put together just after Lee signed the papers at Appomattox, any changes now will feed the paranoia grist mill claiming Alabama's undefeated 2009 season was rigged from the start.

Bama hasn't lost a conference regular season game in two years and will go into next season as one of the favorites for the national crown.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, going undefeated in the toughest conference in the nation was rigged. Your attempts at humor are to no avail. Want to know why Bama was undefeated? Because they played well enough and were coached well enough to win all their games. And save me the "Terrance Cody took off his helmet before the end of the game!" and "Texas would have won with McCoy!" excuses. Simply acknowledge Bama was superior last year and move on. Don't worry. COntinued butt whippings are coming for the SEC this year again, regardless of schedule.


Michael said...

Just so you know, Anon . . . I'm a Bama grad. The note is as much a dig at our accusers as anything else.

Our schedule next year is ridiculous, and I'm amazed the SEC is actually doing somethng about the bye weeks.


p.s. Cody should have kept his helmet on. It was the geniuses in Austin that had McCoy running with his throwing arm exposed to the best defense in football.