Friday, March 5, 2010

Turning to the SEC: A dozen to watch as spring practices unfold

Southern Pigskin gives us a scorecard to mull as spring practices start revving up.

Some of these names you'll recognize; some you won't. See for yourself. Again, we could quibble . . . Ok, we will quibble.

For starter's, there's a lot more riding at Alabama on the return to health of Dontae Hightower than whether Josh Chapman can fill the shoes (certainly not the pants) of Terrence Cody. Hightower is the rare form of brains and brawn who can take over the leadership of Nick Saban's defense -- IF he can recover from an horrendous knee injury. Chapman will have plenty of help at nose guard. Even with all the talent Saban has assembled, no one is ready to be the defensive quarterback besides Hightower. Cade Foster, the heir apparent to Leigh Tiffin, is a smart choice, given Tiffin led the country last year with 30 field goals, and Alabama doesn't beat Tennessee without him.

Otherwise, the article does shine an extra bright light on quarterback, in particular the new ones vying for snaps at Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. Those schools face almost as many questions about their coaches, but that's a different story for a different time.



Anonymous said...

I love it's the only website that covers southern college football exclusively. I don't care about Notre Dame or Mich or Ohio State. I can about SEC and ACC schools and my school Elon. They do a great job.