Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday morning linkage

* Florida coach Urban Meyer and Orlando Sentinel scribe Jeremy Fowler mended fences on Saturday, three days after the blow-up that went viral.

* Running backs Stevan Ridley and Michael Ford impress in LSU's spring game.

* SI's Kerry J. Byrne breaks down the career numbers for a half-dozen high-profile SEC quarterbacks since the late '90s. See if you can tell who's who.

* Aramis Hillary, a backup QB at South Carolina, says he'll transfer to Coastal Carolina after this semester.

* Alas, no SEC teams in the Final Four, but coach Derek Dooley was there for the Tennessee-Michigan State nail-biter.

* Early previews of Tennessee (via Tony Barnhart) and Kentucky (via Dr. Saturday).


Anonymous said...

The Big 10 is about to expand. I'm going to guess how the conferences will look if the Big 10 goes for more than one team. SEC will add Texas & Oklahoma and/or Nebraska. ACC will lose Maryland, but pick up West Virginia, Louisville & Pitt or UCONN. Big 10 will pick up Maryland, Rutgers, Syracuse, Missouri, Nebraska and/or Kentucky. Just BR's HO.

Anonymous said...

The Pac 10 could pick up Utah & Colorado.

The Big 12 could consist of Kan, Kan St, ISU, Oklahoma St, Texas Tech, Texas A & M, Baylor, TCU, BYU, Boise, Colorado St, New Mexico, Air Force, & Nebraska (if the Big 10 or SEC don't take them)and/or Utah St.

The Big East is in trouble Cincy, UCONN, Temple, S. Florida, C Florida, ECU, Memphis, UAB, (take in Charlotte & Georgia St b/c of their TV market and give them 5 years to develop their football). BR