Thursday, March 25, 2010

Perception and politics in Columbia

This lede from The State newspaper pretty much says it all:

Black lawmakers, angry that the General Assembly could refuse to reappoint the University of South Carolina's lone black trustee, said some of the school's star athletic recruits have been called and apprised of what lawmakers described as the state's racially inhospitable climate.

Story here.


Anonymous said...

The black trustee was convicted for bank fraud, according to another article. And the black supporters who claim racism must know this.

J said...

Why are we even talking about this? Isn't it a much bigger story that Alabama and Auburn, the schools in the state that defined the racist '60s South, now BOTH have black head basketball coaches?

While the state of Alabama has managed to make some real progress, they're still fighting the Civil War in South Carolina.

Andrew said...

According to the article, the one they're not wanting to re-appoint replaced the bank fraud one.