Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"I don't read that crap," but my players steal it!

In a far-reaching contribution to jurisprudence, Texas A&M-Commerce football coach Guy Morriss defended his players from stealing copies of the student newspaper because it's free.

The team members, caught on videotape, took the papers because of an offending headline involving some teammates and a felony. Don't you hate when that happen. Here's another oucher: The athletic director said the players had to have help because he doubted they were smart enough to do the deed on their own.

Morriss, former head guy at Kentucky and Baylor, called his team's actions the best team-building exercise he's ever tried. Wonder if he'll call in for pizza if the team ends up in court.

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J said...

Can't tell who is dumber here, the players or the coach. This program has no hope.