Thursday, March 25, 2010


Catching up on recent news:

* The Case of the Tainted Textbooks is all done at Alabama. 21 football wins vacated; asterisks added. The Birmingham News has the story here. (Self-reporting and -flagellating Tide fans can read the NCAA's full communique here.)

* LSU has sent in 55 pages worth of incriminating behavior involving former player Akiem Hicks and former assistant coach D.J. McCarthy. All you'd care to read here and here and here.

* And whilst on the subject of the NC2A, the powers-that-be helpfully provide a scenario to show how infractions are investigated. The make-believe case involves football players who transferred from State U. to schools that just happen to be in Tennessee and Florida. (Not that there's more of that kind of stuff going on down South, you understand.)