Sunday, September 4, 2011

First to worst -- Week 1 performances

1. LSU. I should have figured they would be ready for the moment. The only surprise was how shaky Oregon looked.

2 through 7, in no particular order, for beating up on teams they were supposed to -- Mississippi State, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, Vanderbilt.
8. Georgia. At least they played somebody decent. Decent and much better.
9. South Carolina. Stirring comeback against a team that in 2010 finished last in the country in defense.
10. Auburn. The reigning king of college football is still a drama queen.
11. Ole Miss. The only reason they're not at the bottom is because I watched a little of the Kentucky game.
12. Kentucky. And the circle is complete. The team they beat, Western Kentucky, plays LSU in November.

-- RTR


Anonymous said...

Typical Alabama graduate. Would have been community college material in most other states.

Anonymous said...

There are 2 things the 2010 Auburn team and the 2011 Auburn team have in common:

1) Absolutely no sign of a competent defense.
2) Good quarterback play.

As could be expected, every talking head on every network tripped all over themselves tryting to be the first to declare that Saturday proves that Auburn is now Prairie View A&M. While I hold no illusions that Auburn is a national title contender, I remain unconvinced of our demise. It's not like we nearly lost to a DI-AA team. The defense was rotten, but it was rotten most of last year. The special teams unit can cover that up if they play like they did Saturday all year. I've been saying all summer that we're fine at QB, that Barrett Trotter can play. Great poise during the late comeback. Of course he's no Cam Newton. But he's a damn sight better than Chris Todd or Brandon Cox ever were.

This week should be very interesting vs. Misipi State, who was dominated in time of possession in their opener but still won big. I think we could be in for a track meet, which would be amazing considering this matchup produced a 3-2 final score 3 years ago.

Michael said...

Anonymous: Thanks for that significant contribution to the conversation.

Given your way with words, call ahead next time and we'll make sure we set aside more space for what you have to say.