Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Taylor Branch on the NCAA and the sham of amateur sports

When the morning paper brings us banner headlines on NCAA investigations into both UNC and South Carolina, perhaps it is time to step back and study a little history.

Suffice to say, the basis for the absolute power that the NCAA tries to enforce over its members and the futility it displays in policing its sports will become painfully evident by the close of this piece in Atlantic Magazine by noted historian Taylor Branch.

It's long, but from this point on it's also required reading for any fan of college athletics.



Johnnie said...

This is a long, but awesome read. I just forwarded this link to my College Professor. We had long discussions in class about this in 2002. I think the roosters are about to come home to rest. With the real possibility of 4 "super conferences" again, the question will become "Why do we need the NCAA?" (just like when the article mentions the TV rights agreement with colleges without the NCAA)

Although the main reason is taxes, I think colleges are beginning to realize that even if they have to pay taxes, they can maximize their earnings and earn more profit without the NCAA.