Thursday, September 22, 2011

Paul Finebaum and his love song to AU

I take no joy in posting this. Paul Finebaum is a professional cheap-shot artist. Though he mocks Auburn with this piece in Sports Illustrated, he could have easily targeted Alabama(or any other team).

In fact, he's probably well into a first draft.

Punch here if you must.



Anonymous said...

OK, MG, I know you are wondering what I'm thinking about this.


So he's part of the "there is no possible way a parent can do anything that the son wouldn't know every minute detail" crowd. Whatever. He says, "Already, Auburn fans are turning on Ted Roof." Some of us have been questioning him ever since he got hired. Some of us have always had a queasy feeling in our gizzards about hiring a guy who went 1-150 as a head coach to be our DC. Whatever.

So he has revealed himself to be part of the church that kneels on a mat that faces Indianapolis 5 times a day and prays for Auburn to be stripped of everything 2010. Whatever.

Most of us who call Auburn our team believe in the talent we have, the coaching (well, except for roof), and the "we simply will not lose" mentality that has carried the day 17 of the last 18 games. Finebaum? WHATEVER!