Thursday, September 15, 2011

LSU-Mississippi State: Who ya got?

Big SEC game on Thursday night -- perfect if you want to put off household chores, talking to family members, etc. Our predictions:

LSU 24, MSU 10: Auburn figured out in the second half last week that MSU can't throw downfield. Unlike Auburn, LSU can take away the run, too.

As it happens, the email edition of my alumni newsletter arrived today, carrying this message at the very end: "The Athletic Department would like to thank you for your cooperation and continued support in staying within the rules and regulations of the NCAA and SEC." It's that kind of attitude that will keep the Bulldogs from ever achieving true greatness. LSU, 24-16.

Until someone can force the LSU quarterbacks to make throws that truly matter, the beatings will continue. Tiguhs, 27-10.

My LSU buddy Steve says this one will be easy for the Tigers. I'm not so sure. I think we're gonna find out that Auburn is pretty good, and More Cowbell had a shot to beat them at the end. My heart says Bulldogs. But my head says LSU 24, MSU 21.
So who ya got?


Anonymous said...

If there had been a "Who ya got?" post last week, y'all would have seen a rare sight - I picked Auburn to lose, 41-38. I suspected the barrel of Pixie dust we have been rolling out for the past 16 games had run out. I have never been so happy to be wrong.

On to this week. How good is LSU? I suspect, not as good as most of the talking heads think, as they were quick to anoint them after they beat up on Oregon. The one guarantee with this game is that every offensive player from both teams is going to be awfully sore in the morning. These guys can really hit. I think LSU, like Auburn, might have 1 more key play in them than MSU. LSU 27, Misipi St 24

Michael said...

By the way, J, this here EXPAT tried to file a WYG from northern Ohio but fell prey to a computer glitch. Typical Big 10 trick.

I picked Auburn. No way, with MSU's defense, that this one stay's close.

Unknown said...

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