Thursday, September 1, 2011

Making the numbers work

A good lawyer never asks a question unless he already knows the answer.

With that in mind, Texas A&M would never have bolted the Big 12 without a new address for the movers. But how does the SEC make it work?

The answer, says Jon Solomon of the Birmingham News, better be quickly.

Read here.

-- mg

UPDATE: Look here for a 13-team SEC schedule (hypothetical, of course).


Anonymous said...

The Lizards' opposition to FSU makes no sense, since they play each other every year anyway. From a purely football standpoint, FSU is the obvious choice.

But since reallignment is wholly and only about increasing TV money, the smart bet is on Missouri, for the Kansas City and St. Louis TV markets. Both Missouri and A&M would be in the West, and Auburn would move to the east. This would enable Auburn to play 'Bama, Georgia and Florida every year. (Recall that when the SEC went to 12, Auburn threw a fit when it was proposed that they play 7 conference games, saying they wanted 8 games or to be in the East, for the same reasons.)

I still want the SEC, ACC, Big 10 and Pac 12 to each go to 16 teams now. Then the 4 of them can withdraw from the NCAA, form their own governing body and get it over with.