Thursday, September 1, 2011

The train's leaving College Station

News: Texas A&M tells the Big 12 that it's ready to join a new conference if invited.

* "Texas A&M to seek affiliation with new conference" (go here for official news release and here for the AD's blog post on Wednesday)
* "A&M to Big 12: We're out of here" (go here for Houston Chronicle story)
* "Texas A&M inching closer to the SEC" (go here for ESPN story)

Question: What about Virginia Tech as the SEC's 14th team? "Total poppycock," thundered a Hokie spokesman. (Don't know if you can actually say "poppycock" in a thundering way, but it's not often we get to use the word. Anyway, go here for the Daily Press story.)

The 12th Man: Go here for a capsule history from the school's website. And find out more about Jackie Sherrill's creation of the 12th Man Kickoff Team at the official website here.

-- RTR