Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And Missouri makes 14?

That'll be the talk today, what with stories from The Birmingham News (here) and The Kansas City Star (here) that an informal offer has been extended. The News goes on to say that if Missouri comes aboard, Auburn would go to the East, making the divisions look like this:

Mississippi State
Texas A&M

South Carolina

Stay tuned. The University of Missouri System Board of Curators is scheduled to meet Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, here's the yep-that-pretty-much-sums-it-up quote of the day, courtesy of Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel:

"I have a lot of opinions, but I have absolutely no control."


Anonymous said...

14 schools, but only 11 nicknames. Three "Tigers" and two "Bulldogs."

And if they take in Clemson ... total chaos!

You see the real problem with superconferences now?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This makes perfect sense. Part of me always wondered why Auburn didn't start in the East in '92. Vanderbilt is on a more western longitude line than Auburn, and they wanted to be able to play 'Bama, Georgia and Florida every year.

Which brings up the question, exactly when did the schedule change come in - the one where it switched from having 2 permanent inter-division foes and 1 rotating to 1 permanent and 2 rotating? I don't remember anyone saying anything. And I wonder how much Auburn had to be paid to keep quiet, as I'm sure losing the permanent Florida game rubbed somebody on the plains the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

Missouri does NOT have an invite. Any news you hear is coming out of KC... There was more chirping going on when it was rumored for Texas A&M. Missouri is simply doing a PR play to get the B1G started in adding more teams. They are not a culture fit to the SEC. Even their fans will say so.