Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's football time! (with some preseason predictions)

Real football starts tonight. God bless us, every one.

The SEC is in action right away, but we all think Mississippi State will beat the Beale out of Memphis and Kentucky will whip Western KY tonight. So we'll save the weekend who-ya-gots for tomorrow. For today, let's look at the bigger picture and predict how the season will play out.

SEC East champ

Mike: South Carolina
Trent: Florida
Peter: South Carolina
Tommy: South Carolina

SEC West champ

Mike: Alabama
Trent: LSU
Peter: Ala... Alab ...(sorry, this is hard)...

Tommy: Alabama

SEC champion
Mike: Alabama
Trent: LSU
Peter: Alabama
Tommy: South Carolina

Will the SEC champ win the national title?
Mike: No
Trent: No
Peter: Yes, even with an Iron Bowl loss...
Tommy: No


Mike: "The Wilson kid from Arkansas" (he's talking about QB Tyler Wilson)
Trent: Marcus Lattimore
Peter: Marcus Lattimore
Tommy: Marcus Lattimore

Game of the year

Mike: LSU-Alabama, Nov. 5
Trent: Arkansas-Texas A&M, Oct. 1 -- think of it as a sneak preview
Peter: Arkansas at Alabama, Sept. 24 -- Arkansas has 14 starters returning from a team that was up in the fourth quarter last year on Alabama (which has 17 returning starters.)

Tommy: South Carolina at Georgia, Sept. 17 -- The winner wins the SEC East. And if South Carolina wins... well, we won't even talk about the possibilities just now.

Drop your predictions down below. We hope y'all are as jacked for this season as we are.


Gambling Gary said...

Going to be Vegas for the SC/Georgia game... I hope Georgia beats BSU so I have a nice moneyline bet for my Gamecocks. :)

SECfan said...

I agree with Mike across the board.....

Michael said...

Good for you SECfan. Genius attracts.

Arkansas-Alabama may be the best game but how can you have a "game of the year' in week 4?

should be a fun year.

Anonymous said...

OK, enough from MG and SECFan (AKA Fake Men of Genius)...

‘Bama 8-0, 12-0
Ar-Kansas 7-1, 11-1
LSU 5-3, 8-4
Miss. St 4-4, 8-4
Auburn 4-4, 8-4
Ole Miss 0-8, 3-9

SC 6-2, 10-2
UGA 5-3, 8-4
Florida 4-4, 7-5
Kentucky 3-5, 7-5
Tennessee 1-7, 5-7
Vandy 1-7, 3-9

In everyone's rush to condemn Auburn to a season that only Prairie View A&M could relate to, the fact that their freshman class is more highly-rated than every other team in the SEC except 'Bama. Not to mention the fact that the coaching staff has proven to be more than up to the job of competing in this league. Can't wait to see all the talking heads choking on their plates of crow when Auburn ends up in a New Year's Day bowl again.

As much as it makes me want to upchuck, I will predict The Evil Empire to win the title. However, I think Oklahoma takes them in the BCS title game. I'm tempted to jump on the Lattimore bandwagon, but if the QBs have any clue, Alshon Jeffrey should be MVP.

Game of the Year: Iron Bowl. It's just so big that the rest of the big games can't ever measure up. The last 2 have been all-time classics. And by the time Thanksgiving gets here and everyone gets over the shock that Auburn isn't Prairie View A&M after all, this year's version will carry on the tradition. It's a replay of the '09 game - a national contending 'Bama against rebuilding Auburn on the plains. I just hope the outcome is different. (Is Upchurch still alive, or has he assumed his rightful seat in hell for winning the '09 game?)

Game of the Year II - the cocktail party. The loser gets the crown of Most Overrated Football Team of All Time, with the winner claiming second prize.

Thank God it's finally September!

EatEmAndSmile said...

My God. Football season is finally freaking here!!!!

With the exception of Tommy who is smoking crack with his USC-E prediction, I respect every one else's predictions. I will even give my friend J props. I do think he is discount his own team, Au-Barn. I would expect Au-Barn to come in 3rd in the SEC West by knocking off Miss State (home game for Au-Barn).

Here's my prediction. ARKANSAS BABY! I will be there in Pisscaloosa for the upset. GO HAWGS!

Anonymous said...

EEAS - Thanks for the props. I am looking forward to seeing how your offense does against 'Bama's defense. Should be a great show.

Michael said...

Let the record show that the RG annoited the Hog QB his pick for POTY.

That said, I hope he's the second coming of the Headless Horseman when he leaves Tuscaloosa.