Thursday, September 1, 2011

Two is not always better than one

Among the biggest question marks heading into the 2011 SEC season is how will Nick Saban handle the quarterback position at Alabama.

Not only is two-year starter Greg McElroy gone, but Saban is not ready to make up his mind on a replacement. As a result, the Alabama practice field this fall has resembled Vladivostok, with all the experimentations and transmutations kept tightly under wraps.

The candidates: sophomore AJ McCarron and freshman Phillip Sims. Both will play against Kent State. But will Saban keep the yo-yo spinning when his team goes on the road in Week Two against Penn St.?

History tells us he might. History also tells us that he and Alabama have had mixed results with the two-headed QB.

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Anonymous said...

Well, in 2006 Meyer had an All-America candidate in Leak and a future All-American in Tebow. It's a heck of a lot easier to do a 2-QB system when both of them are All-Americans. I'm not sure McCarron and Sims qualify.

I feel a little better about how my school's coach handled a similar situation - 3 guys who weren't separated by much, and he says, 'this guy's #1, this guy's #2 and this guy's #3.'

And speaking of quarterback controversies, did ya hear Spurrier quote his coaching record in defense of his 2-QB system? Classic from TOBC!