Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bama, Auburn among gamblers' picks for BCS

How smart are the bookies? Suffice to say the dumb ones have already gone broke. Which means we should give at least a passing glance to's odds for the BCS Championship.

Oregon is the favorite, at 17-10. 17-10??? Has anyone ever heard of 17-10 odds, numbers as inflated as the Ducks' scoring average?

The saner figures, almost Sabanesque, begin with the second pick, Alabama. Undefeated and higher-ranked Auburn is fourth. The two teams meet the day after Thanksgiving. (As the SEC blog of record, we are compelled by no journalistic ethic to report that Boise State is third.)

Will there be money wagered in Alabama on the Auburn/Alabama outcome?

Here's an image for you: Brink's trucks. Fleets of dueling Brink's trucks.

Read more here, for recreational purposes only, that is.


J said...

17-10? That's really goofy.

I like the way all the predictions are going. Starting with the Georgia game, our coaches can use the tired, old "You're one of the best teams in the country, but EVERYONE THINKS YOU SUCK AND NO ONE RESPECTS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!" line in their motivational speeches, especially the defensive coaches.

Keep on Auburn-hating everyone. Using terminology that Greg Childs used before his game at our place, "War Bird-thing!" :-))