Sunday, November 21, 2010

BIRGing, CORFing and the Iron Bowl: A football game that reflects the light and darkness of the soul

It's Iron Bowl week: and The Game already has taken on an extra coat of hatred: Alabama folks cackling about the NCAA doing to Auburn what Moses did to Pharaoh's Legions; Auburn fans simmering like caldrons that Bammers are behind the whole Cam Newton investigation (What was Saban really doing with all that time at the White House?).

Back away from the questions of whether the Auburn QB will play or can the Tigers do unto Alabama, on the road, what it has done to its first 11 opponents this year, or whether Alabama, after two disappointing losses, can meet its promise and take out its rival's national championship hopes . . .

Instead, sit back and reflect on the emotional and psychological implications of The Big Game, and how the most unfriendly sports relationship in America makes us feel, what it says about US vs. THEM.

One last warning: One of the persons interviewed is former Tiger Athletic Director David Housel, who says he has taken a more detached perspective about the game after 50 years. This is the same Housel who once taped a mocking, conspiracy-laden "Resistance is futile, Auburn is taking over the state" manifesto that's still one of the weirdest things I've ever heard on radio.

And, trust me, Auburn/Alabama rewrote the record book on Weird.

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Anonymous said...

Housel predicted history in 2003.."That's what will keep them awake tonight, and that's what will keep them awake in the nights to come...Coach Jordan said it best, 'Let's beat the hell out of the University of Alabama.' We may get knocked down, but we will not be knocked out. We will get up and fight again. We may occasionally be down-hearted, but we will not be defeated, never." ~ David Housel (Auburn Sports Information Director 1981-1994, Athletic Director 1994-2004)