Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cam's signing under NCAA Investigation

Mississippi State representatives allege they were approached by an agent saying it would cost teams $200K for Cam Newton's signature. But since the quarterback liked Bulldog head coach Dan Mullen from their days together in Florida, State would get the hometown discount of $180K.

State reported the incident to the NCAA, which has asked for financial statements from Newton's family.

Newton originally signed with Florida but left after his freshman year to attend junior college. During his re-recruitment, he reportedly wanted to play for Mullen in Starkville but says he deferred to his father. The elder Newton, an Atlanta-area minister, announced his son would play for Auburn.

An Auburn spokesman acknowledged the ongoing NCAA investigation but said Newton, perhaps college football's most dynamic player, remains eligible.

Here's the story.

More, certainly, to come


pstonge said...

Here's an update, from Phillip Marshall, an Auburn reporter for three decades and now the editor of the web site Auburn Undercover:

"Athletic department sources said Auburn's compliance department, in conjunction with the Southeastern Conference office, looked into the accusations after being made aware of them last summer and determined there had been no wrongdoing by Cam Newton or by Auburn."

That means both the SEC and Auburn knew about the allegation, looked into it and found nothing. The unanswered question: Is there new information, or is this a new story about an older allegation? If Newton plays a snap this weekend, it's likely the latter.

pstonge said...

Update No. 2, from Auburn coach Gene Chizik, courtesy of the Birmingham News tonight:

Auburn coach Gene Chizik gave a firm endorsement of quarterback Cam Newton on Thursday night in the midst of a story that questioned his recruitment.

"Unfortunately, I can't comment on it. But here's what I can and I will this say very loud and very clear: Cameron Newton is eligible at Auburn University, period. End of story,'' Chizik said.

Michael said...

Thanks for the updates, Pierre.

I would expect a lot more stories about the Rev. Newton's churches in the coming days.


J said...

I'm inclined to think if what everyone is smelling is really a rat, the NCAA would have taken action in July when this surfaced. But with the NCAA, you never know. I'm certainly not worried about this week; we could beat Chattanooga with Neal Cauble at QB and Trooper Taylor at tailback. But I hope the NCAA makes a ruling one way or the other soon. Given the extra effort the talking heads are already making to find any excuse to give the big trophy to LeMichael James, I don't want to hear "who is under investigation for allegedly orchestrating cash for his signature on a letter-of-intent" after every time Cam Newton's name is mentioned.

Given Rogers' stained reputation with the NFLPA, I can easily believe he is just a sleezebag who tried to tie himself to Newton and enrich himself in the process.