Saturday, November 6, 2010

Report: Meyer may have been behind release of Newton allegations

Latest headlines:

Cam Newton says he's done nothing wrong.

Auburn's athletic director John Jacobs says the school has done nothing wrong.

The agent in question says he has done nothing wrong.

Meanwhile, bud Charles Goldberg of the Birmingham News cites a three-way conversation a few months back in which Urban Meyer, Newton's coach at Florida, angrily told Mississippi State head guy Dan Mullen and former Bulldog quarterback John Bond that he planned to leak the allegations in Newton's recruitment to news organizations. Bond says he was approached by the agent and told Newton would cost $180,000; other schools would be asked for more.

Meyer is not quoted in the story, but I'm sure he'd say he did nothing wrong either. See for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Of course Meyer is going to deny that conversation ever took place. What I want is for the ESPN cat that broke the stoy to have his legs broken, for waiting until this late in the season to publish his story. Cam's going to lose the Heismann over this (several voters have already said they aren't going to vote for him to avoid a Reggie Bush II). He is guilty until proven innocent, and that's wrong.