Thursday, November 11, 2010

Who ya got? Week 11

So who says one player is never bigger than his sport?

Cam Newton's biggest accomplishment's this year may be off the field, given that the ongoing mountaintop-removal of his past has thoroughly overshadowed one of the most important SEC weekends of the year.

Can Auburn and Newton put the distractions aside and continue on toward the National Championship game? Can South Carolina get to its feet and win the SEC East? What does Alabama have left?

That said, the biggest headlines continue to dog Newton and the deeping allegations of the not-so-silent auction for his services (here's the latest development Thursday The NCAA is investigating; Auburn hasn't budged in its backing of its star player, and Coach Gene Chizik pledges to start him Saturday against Georgia.

Saturday . . . Georgia . . . Aub . . . Oh yeah, The Games!.

Georgia vs. Auburn: Georgia has three chances of winning Saturday.

1. If Uga goes after Newton, and this time the Dawg mascot doesn't miss.
2. If Auburn brings back the water cannons (see 1986) and Newton is hit, repeatedly, by friendly fire.
3. The NCAA steps in.

For the purposes of this prediction, let's assume that:
1. Newton avoids the fat white dog as he has most SEC tacklers.
2. The water cannons are pointed at the ESPN trucks (But fair warning, Dawg fans: given how Auburn has handled past disappointments in this rivalry, the ROTC may be carrying live ammo).
3. The NCAA, for now, stays put.

It's simple: If Newton plays, Auburn wins. And big. Should he play? For this week, that's Auburn's call, and Auburn is all in. Tigers: 45-28.

South Carolina vs. Florida: Could this be Steve Spurrier's last trip to Gainesville as the South Carolina coach?

Maybe it's because this year's version of South Carolina's annual November free-fall started from a higher cliff, or that TOBC gets night sweats at the thought of coaching Stephen Garcia for another year . . . Either way, while the winner here goes to Atlanta, something tells me Spurrier may soon be taking a trip of his own. Gators, 28-17.

Mississippi State vs. Alabama: Are there enough hours in the day for Dan Mullen? Can the hyperactive Bulldog coach rummage through the affairs of a rival player (Newton) and still have time to coach his own team? Alabama, which gave away everything in its loss to LSU that the Tigers didn't take, looks to salvage something from a disappointing year. Even without Trent Richardson, the Tide rises, and Mullen learns a lesson in time management. Alabama: 24-14

The rest:

Louisiana-Monroe at LSU: If the devil has a sense of humor, this is the week he'd spring it on Les Miles. No sweat, LSU Fans, he's too busy toying with Auburn. Bengals, 28-14.

Kentucky 28, Vanderbilt 17

Ole Miss 24, UT, 21

Arkansas 42, UTEP 17.



Anonymous said...

Another day, another accusation. A small band of sub-human scum is spewing trash about Cam Newton and his father Cecil. They try to extend their 15 minutes of fame by releasing their garbage a little each day. The media accepts their word as gospel truth, as if it is God Himself making the accusations. I’m starting to think the NCAA will also accept the word of these trash piles. But they won’t decide until after the season, after Auburn has won the BCS title or a major bowl, then tell them their entire set of 2010 statistics are null and void.

Meanwhile, the season is decided for 4 teams on the fields in Tuscaloosa and Gainsville, and 2 more teams beef up on inferior competition.

The games:

Misipi State at 'Bama – A few weeks back, Gordon called this game a knife fight. Good call. This is the one defense that has been able to slow the Newton Steamroller. MSU throws the ball about 3 times per presidential administration, which could keep ‘Bama’s vast array of offensive playmakers on the sidelines for long stretches. In the end, the very pronounced SEC home field advantage carries the day. The Evil Empire 17, Misipi St 10

South Carolina at Florida – The chickens have opened the door to the SEC East. As messed up as Florida is, they are poised to limp through the door. After the big win at the Cocktail Party and the easy rout of Vandy, they’re rolling. The chickens are reeling. Win and they go to Atlanta. Lose, and they lose heart and lose to Clempson and head to a bowl in some exotic place – like Shreveport. Better practice your Cajun. Reptiles 27, Fightin’ Chickens 14

Vanderbilt at Kentucky – a very slight step up from Charleston Southern. They’ll survive. Randall Cobb 34, Vandy 14

Misipi at Tennessee – Vols fans are all jacked up after the win against all-powerful Memphis. This week, they are reminded how far down the ladder Memphis is. Misipi 28, Rocky Bottom 21

UTEP at Ar-Kansas – Here we go again with the late-season cupcake game. WHY????????? Ar-Kansas 41, UTEP 17

Louisiana-Monroe at LSU – See UTEP at Ar-Kansas above. Again, WHY???????? LSU 28, ULL 6

Georgia at Auburn – The only games UGA has looked good are against out-of-conference patsies and SEC East teams. On paper, this is a lynching. I really don’t see the Newton investigations as a distraction. Do you think Newton is going to take a snap, look over the defense, see a gaping hole on the left side and stop and think, “What is the NCAA looking at today,” and getting sacked while thinking? I don’t either. But rivalry games are usually close, even if they shouldn’t be on paper. After a week on solid food, I return to my liquid diet of Maalox. WAR EAGLE 38, Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 28

Last week’s record: 6-2
Season record: 60-15