Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birmingham News: Wiretaps don't tie gambler to Newton payments

This from the Birmingham News: Federal wiretaps from a massive gambling and bribery investigation in Alabama reportedly do not connect the central figure to the Cam Newton scandal.

That's according to former colleague Charles Goldberg, the longtime Auburn reporter for the Birmingham News.

Two federal investigations in Alabama are linked to key Auburn figures. The first has already led to the indictments of dog track magnate and longtime Auburn booster Milton McGregor and several state legislators. The other focused on the collapse of Colonial Bank, which was owned and operated by Bobby Lowder, the longtime power broker on the Auburn board of trustees.

Up to now, there's no evidence linking Auburn to any impropriety with Newton, and the school played the star quarterback last Saturday against Georgia.

Several media outlets have reported that the Rev. Cecil Newton was shopping his son to schools. Recent publish reports say Cecil Newton admits to seeking money from Mississippi State. His reported asking price: $180,000.

Internet chatterboxes have been in overdrive linking the bank and gambling probes to Newton's signing with Auburn, speculating that it explains why the FBI has become involved in an NCAA investigation.

For now, the unnamed sources in Goldberg's story cast doubt on that convenient little bow.

Read for yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Good writeup from Auburn people. Someone is going to jail here.

Anonymous said...

Cam Newton has also been ID'd as the 2nd gunman on the grassy knoll, the sole purpose of the Stock Market Crash of 1929, and the explanation of all of the UFO sightings out in Roswell, NM.

Give me a break! As an Auburn student, this is ridiculous! With Bev Purdue wasting millions on things like frivolous airplane flights, UNC-CH football players being paid to party in South Beach, and Jim Black getting his optometry licsense back, you'd think North Carolinans would be people who learn to keep quiet on scandals by others.

Just because a few Auburn-linked people are in hot water (allegedly), doesn't mean it's a "good writeup from Auburn people".

Anonymous said...

Auburn student, I assuem you're proud of how your school was portrayed last Sat night on National TV? Sounds like it anyway. Stay classy.

J said...

I just love the over-generalization and over-simplification people engage in, particularly those brave souls that post anonymously.

I'm assuming the 1st and 3rd comments are from the same person. I imagine this cat believes that when 1 person does something wrong or criminal, everyone associated is equally guilty - since an Auburn guy is being investigated for election fraud and another is being investigated for his role in a bank collapse, that means everyone who has even so much as driven by the Auburn campus is a crook and a spawn of Satan. If that's your mindset, I'll just pray for your healing.

In related news, is reporting that one of the Misipi St slugs that started all this is "1000% sure" that Cam was and is completely clueless about any attempt to shake down Misipi St in exchange for Cam's services.

I'm ready for all this to be resolved one way or the other.

Bud said...

I just wanted to say that I have driven by the Auburn campus but "I am not a Crook."

Travis Bickle said...

Duh...this is 100%an effort by the people recorded by the fbi discussing the Auburn pay for play schemes to fool the world for just one more's the authoritative source cited.. "...according to multiple sources familiar with the statehouse probe." Well, hey I'm familiar with the stathouse understanding is that the fbi has sealed the tapes pertinent to Auburn recruiting payments until due process has been provided the indicted Auburn boosters and indicted members of the Auburn Board of Trustees..due process here means how long will they serve in jail as they are clearly guilty. See this link to the released FBI transcripts related to the "statehouse" part of the wonderful story.....