Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The latest on Cam: Pay for play, and the FBI comes calling

The investigation of Cam Newtown has taken two major turns.

TMZ is reporting that the FBI wants to talk to John Bond, the former Mississippi State quarterback and the source of the original allegations that Newton was being shopped around for an asking price of $200,000.

Here's that link.

Also, ESPN is reporting that Mississippi State recruiters say Newton and his father openly talked about getting paid during their recruiting visit. Later, the story alleges, Newton apologized to the unnamed recruiter for not coming to Starkville (to play for his former quarterback coach Dan Mullen) but that there was too much money to turn down at Auburn.

Auburn has denied any wrongdoing in the matter and has continued to play Newton, saying its own investigations have shown he remains eligible.

Here's that story.

Auburn plays Georgia on Saturday. Coach Gene Chizik says Newton will be in the lineup.



Anonymous said...

Of course he will be in the lineup. They couldn't reasonably be expected to do anything different. They don't care of he's ruled ineligible 2 years down the road, they're on track for a BCS Title. They're going to take their chances on the NCAA investigation. I'd expect (and hope) my school would do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the UNC-CHeat situation. UNC: the most corrupt athletics and administration of any NCAA institution. CONgratulations!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Blake from UNC was outbid for Cam. Once again, UNC loses out!

relocation calculator said...

So in the game did Newton really play?

Bama Brother said...

Just sharing what an Auburn alum and friend put up on Facebook this week:

From my reliable Cam Newton sources: It was him who burned Rome, not Nero. And he also ordered the Pearl Harbor bombing. And he broke into the Watergate complex. He shot Reagan, released the Kraken, crashed into Lady Diana's car and his fingerprints are all over those UPS packages from Yemen. Oh, and one time, when we ...were back in middle school, he cut in line at the cafeteria AND stole my fries.

Anonymous said...

Bama Brother - LMAO! But did something get left out? Didn't Cam initiate both World Trade Center Bombings, and didn't he plant Monica Lewinsky in the White House? Wasn't Cecil the driving force behind the Iran-Contra affair, and didn't he get a massive payout for his role in causing Hurricane Katrina?

Some people say, "where there's smoke, there's fire." It's also true that where there's smoke, there are cartons of cigarettes being smoked by mobsters who are bent on ruining the lives of others. Bond and Rogers fall in the latter category.