Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No suspension for Fairley

Nick Fairley, the run-away train of an Auburn defensive lineman, will be playing in the Iron Bowl, according to the Birmingham News.

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Fairley delivered several much-debated hits on Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray in the Tigers' win on Saturday. The last one put Murray out of the game, led to retaliation against Fairley by Murray's teammates, and almost ignited a brawl.

According to News columnist Kevin Scarbinsky, the SEC offices reviewed tapes of the game and determined that no suspension is warranted.


Anonymous said...

Fairley will get what he deserves at some point.

He better watch his knees because if I was an offensive lineman I would be aiming for them whenever I could. Dirty players in football deserve to be injured.

Anonymous said...
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J said...

Who let the 5-year-olds in here????

I think the reason he isn't being suspended is that he hasn't been suspended for pile-driving opposing players all year, and to do so now would open the SEC office to all kinds of accusations, including conspiracy theories of wanting 'Bama to win the Iron Bowl. Also, as I said in an earlier post, I really think the hit that put Murray out of the game was the least intentional of all his hits. From the TV replay, it looked like he got taken out down low by a UGA lineman, and Fairley rolled over a couple times into Murray's leg. It definitely looked far less intentional than the spear in Murray's back.

Michael said...

Guys, thanks for participating. But keep it clean.

Debate is welcome. But keep it clean.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: the hit that took out Murray was an accident, he was pushed into the QB's SHIN, not aiming for it. And you want to talk about dirty? UGA's O-line was chop blocking Fairley ALL GAME. Even got called for it a few times. Ya, a chop block isn't dirty. Hoping someone gets injured makes you a pathetic person, no matter if they deserve it or not. You disgust me!