Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MSU booster: Cam came with three easy payments

Another detail in the Cam Newton saga, courtesy of ESPN.

In it, Mississippi State booster Bill Bell says he received the details of an installment plan, outlining how Cecil Newton would get his money, if his son signed with the Bulldogs.

Cam Newton signed with Auburn instead, and now is the subject of a nationwide media frenzy.

One problem with the latest info: Bell says it's on an old cell phone that was damaged by water, and that he is trying to retrieve the details.

I guess that's better than telling us it was eaten by the dog. Alas, the night is young. Mash here.


HEEL FAN said...

SCUM! Cecil Newton has taught his kid only how to be greedy and do things the WRONG way. This kid deserves nothing, regardless of talent. RULE ARE RULES.

Anonymous said...

Heel fan says "Rules are Rules". HAHAHAHAHAHA

SECfan said...

LOL @ Heels fan....You better worry about your own mess and hope the NCAA gets distracted before signing day.

Anonymous said...

Cam should have gone to UNC where Blake Santa would have hooked him up yo!

UNC-CH: The most corrupt athletics department in the nation! CONgratulations!

Anonymous said...

MG, I don't think his lame excuse is any better than "the dog ate it." He probably dropped it in the toilet while he was trying to take pictures of himself in the bathroom to put on his MySpace page.

@ Heel Fan - what do you mean "RULE ARE RULES?" And exactly how have you managed to pronounce him guilty when the FBI and the NCAA haven't done so? Let me guess - you read it on the Internet, so it must be true, right?

And as others have said, your school is a pretty good authority on rule-breaking.

I repeat my belief thta Bell, Rogers and Bond are Mafia wanna-bes that are trying to make a name and fortune for themselves. But, as MG said yesterday, it is peculiar that of all the NCAA violations out there to investigate, why did the FBI choose this one? We shall see.