Friday, November 19, 2010

New NCAA Prez: Investigations don't run on bloggers' clock

About the speed of those NCAA investigations . . .

"I want our people to be as efficient and expedited in the way they manage these things as possible," new NCAA President Mark Emmert says. "But at the same time, you've got to get the facts right. The burden of proof is higher than what it is for somebody who's writing in a blog."

Emmert, the former president of the University of Washington, didn't mention the Cam Newton scandal by name, not there is any need. The pay-for-play allegations surrounding Auburn's star quarterback have been a blogger's holiday.

"You can write in a blog that, 'Gee, I think everyone knows that if there's smoke, there's fire.' Well, that's a great thing to say," he says. "But we have a burden of proof to demonstrate what are the real facts before we take to an infractions committee ... a recommendation that says, 'We think this has happened.'"

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Anonymous said...


"We'll suspend half of UNC's team before they play LSU, only to have 90% of them cleared, but we're gonna drag our feet investigating Cam "moneybags" Newton until after the season."

Michael said...

Anon: Big difference.

UNC suspended its own players based on what they and the NCAA had learned up to that point.

The NCAA has talked to Auburn about Cam Newton and Auburn chose to play him against Georgia.

Some folks interpret that as there's nothing out there to jeopardize Cam's eligibility. Others believe Auburn is "all in" and being very reckless.

We'll see what happens, but it's the school that makes the decision, and Carolina chose to be very aggressive/conservative and rule out any player it couldn't totally vouch for, in hopes of minimizing NCAA penalties later on.

We've seen what that decision has meant to the Heel season. We'll have to wait a while to know how Auburn's choice plays out.