Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The only crown Ole Miss will wear this year

That would be "most beautiful," naturally -- as opposed to most naturally beautiful -- or so say the folks at Newsweek and the Daily Beast. The judges' criteria:

No one wants to spend four years in Uglyville. Newsweek crunched the numbers to determine which colleges offer it all — the most beautiful campus and the most attractive students. Just as it’s enviable to spend your college years surrounded by gorgeous co-eds, it’s not bad to walk amongst architectural treasures and lush greenery. We considered colleges that ranked on either PopCrunch’s annual ranking of the 50 Hottest Student Bodies or The Best Colleges list of the 50 Most Beautiful Campuses. Their respective ranks on either list (or both, in some cases) were then weighted equally with the College Prowler grade for male and female attractiveness, as well as the level of appeal the local atmosphere bears.

Others in the SEC-heavy top 25: Alabama #3, Florida #5, Georgia #8, Kentucky #12, Auburn #15.

here for the entire list.


Bama Brother said...

Nice piece in the LA Times on the post-tornado, football-eve scene in Tuscaloosa. Great ending.,0,4840434.column

Anonymous said...

Hotty Toddy!!!

Anonymous said...

Love Oxford. Would probably place UGA next, then Bama & Kentucky. Florida's campus/town is uuuuglee and the student body, although brilliant, are average in appearance compared to the others and FSU.