Friday, November 6, 2009

Assessing the bye week

Ever wonder how big a difference an off week can make? Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples, in Tuscaloosa to cover the LSU/Alabama game, offers some research.

His conclusion: Alabama is straddling a double-edge sword. While the Tide had two weeks to get ready for the Corndogs, they still face two more teams coming off byes. The Iron Bowl presents a real disadvantage: Alabama will have a short week while Auburn has two weeks to prepare.

Good read. Enjoy.



Anonymous said...

I dismiss the notion that Auburn has a huge advantage in the Iron Bowl with the bye week right before it. The example cited in the article (Auburn vs. Ar-Kansas in '06) doesn't give enough emphasis to the significant talent advantage Ar-Kansas had over us that year; we were a bit overrated at #2. This year, 'Bama has significantly more talent than Auburn (specifically, their defense). The bye week will be of little benefit to us.