Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Headline we had to read twice

Some positives for UGA after Kentucky game

Turns out it was about future Bulldogs, not current ones. It's from the Atlanta paper's recruiting blog. Go here for the rest.


Bigdawg said...

Just because there were some new recruiting rumors the same weekend as UGA's latest on-field embarrassment doesn't mean there's a cause and effect. I didn't see one thing in the KY game that I thought would encourage high schoolers to sign with GA. That is unless some potential recruits were excited about the prospect of becoming starters as GA freshmen by taking jobs away from the players they saw on the field.

Anonymous said...

Bigdawg, that's exactly what I'm hoping for - that there are some stud QBs and LBs out there who are watching Auburn and saying, "I'm better than those cats" and will sign with us. I'm hoping they will be watching Friday when Mark Ingram and Julio Jones eat us for lunch.