Monday, November 30, 2009

An early Tide appraisal: Gators a clear favorite

Jess Nicholas at doesn't sugarcoat it. A lot will have to go right for Alabama to beat Florida in Saturday's SEC Championship Game rematch.

Some highlights: Alabama must get its offense back in gear after a relatively poor showing against Auburn; the Tide also goes into the game banged up at linebacker. So do the Gators, but they have more depth to compensate. And, of course, a pretty good quarterback will be riding to the game on the Florida bus.

Read for yourself.



Bigdawg said...

I'd like to believe the Tide will win this one. But if I was in Vegas I don't think I'd take Bama and 5. As good as the Gator offense is with the immaculate Tebow at QB, their defense is even better. And as much as I hate to admit it, no coach anywhere gets his team ready to play better than Pope Urban. But if the oddsmakers are right then 5 points difference ain't much. The Gators are mortal after all. One or two lucky bounces of the pigskin could lift the Tide to victory.