Friday, November 6, 2009

Meyer gets the SEC's first mouthing-off fine

That didn't take long.

Shortly after he joined the chorus line of SEC coaches criticizing the performances of conference officials, Gator coach Urban Meyer became the test-tube baby for the SEC's ban on discouraging words about refs.

Meyer's comments were directed at refs who ignored or failed to see a possible late hit on Tim Tebow. Those same refs missed Brandon Spikes clawing at the eyeballs of a Georgia runningback like a cat with its paw in a fish bowl, a show of sportsmanship that will place the All-American linebacker in isolation for Saturday's game with Vanderbilt.

The fine, $30,000, is chump change for Meyer and other top coaches. But let's see if it interrupts the near constant criticism of blown calls that have marred some of the biggest games of the season.

There's a simpler solution, of course: Better officiating.


Anonymous said...

Better officiating? Geez, you want everything! Why spend effort improving the officiating when you can just pull a NASCAR and hand out a "We don't care how legitimate your beef is, we're not changing the product becase WE'RE THE BOSSES AND YOU WILL DO AS WE SAY!!!!!" fine.

We'll never get anywhere as long as the conference has officials that think they are the stars of the show instead of the players.