Friday, November 13, 2009

Who ya got -- Week 11 (with bonus video!)

Lane Kiffin's team sure makes the SEC more... interesting. All you need to know about the stupidity of the (alleged) UT armed robbers is revealed in this spectacular interview with the victims. Forget that the players tried to commit a felony with a pellet gun. Forget that they tried to escape in a Prius. Remember that they tried to make a big score off of THESE GUYS.

Watch this all the way to the end. The last line is a classic.

Have you caught your breath? OK, then, on to the picks.

Tommy Tomlinson

Tennessee at Ole Miss -- Oh, THIS should be fun. Somebody needs to create a Twitter account solely to document what the Ole Miss fans say in the stands. Jevan Snead, don't screw up this week and all is forgiven. Rebs, 28-20.

Florida at South Carolina -- A win here could redeem the entire Spurrier Era at USC. You'll have to find redemption on the golf course, Coach. Gators, 31-10.

Auburn at Georgia -- Such a weird series, such weird teams this year. The road team usually wins this game and the better team often loses. The first part of that favors Auburn and the last part favors Georgia. Does Joe Cox have one great game in him? I'm hoping yes. Dawgs, 23-18.

Alabama at Mississippi State -- This one is screaming TRAP GAME. But the Bulldogs aren't quite good enough to spring it. Tide, 17-10.

Vanderbilt 33, Kentucky 27

LSU 48, La Tech 10

Arkansas 44, Troy 21

Michael Gordon

Tennessee at Ole Miss: This one swings on the emotional state of the visitors after three of the Vol players traded their burnt orange unies for the cell-block orange variety. Ole Miss doesn't scare anyone any longer. Maybe Johnathan Crompton is due for a hairball, but the Vols are just tougher. Jail will do that to a man. Tennessee, 24-20.

Florida at South Carolina: What a month ago seemed like the SEC East showdown has been boiled down to a single question: After halftime, will there be more empty seats than filled ones in Williams-Brice Stadium? Gators, 38-17.

Alabama at Miss. State: Thirty-four years ago I spent half of a homecoming game buried in the excruciating din of the Bulldog cowbells. Tomorrow, I get fitted for hearing aids. To hell with trap games. I want restitution!!! Tide, 31-14.

Auburn at Georgia: This series has had water canons and leaping bulldog jaws and games with a gazillion overtimes. This year's novelty: Nobody will punt. Check that: The Dawgs aren't very good, so they'll punt once. Tigers, 28-24.

Kentucky 17, Vandy 16.

LSU 27, La Tech 17.

Arkansas 45, Troy, 12.


Big Dawg said...

I got the fever,

Prediction, Bammer AD forgets to pay the refs prior to the game. State pulls it off Saturday night, 21-14.

Anonymous said...

‘Bama at Misipi St – With the conference leaders-mandated title game matchup of ‘Bama-Florida safely in place, Dan Mullen will focus his bawling on everyone wanting them to play again in the BCS title game. The Evil Empire 31, MSU 14

Florida at S. Carolina – The Ol’ Ball Coach really looks old. He doesn’t appear to even have enough strength for a good visor spike. In hindsight, how completely irrelevant was that Misipi-SC game? Florida 28, Fightin’ Chickens 7

Troy at Ar-Kansas – I say again: The SEC needs to mandate that the first week of the season is all in-conference, and all out-of-conference games must be played by the first week of October. That way, we won’t have to look at garbage like this when we should only be seeing top-flight games. Ar-Kansas 42, Troy 14

Tennessee at Misipi – Lane promises to do all he can to intimidate the judge in the case of his 3 players. Toyota pledges free Prius vehicles to Lane for life if the kids get off. Snead & Crompton both once again forget how to play QB. Rebels RB proves to be better than Vols RB. Misipi 24, Lane & Monty 21

Kentucky at Vanderbilt – I have a queasy feeling in my gizzard that UK is going to look past Vandy. A good cussing out by Rich Brooks at halftime should snap them back to the present. Mildcats 27, Vandy 13

Louisiana Tech at LSU – LSU continues the late-season tour of irrelevant Louisiana teams. LSU 47, La Tech 21

Auburn at Georgia – The shortcomings on both defenses indicates a possible track meet. For a while there, the road team won this game every year. Then a couple years ago, a new trend appeared – Georgia winning every year. It’s back to the good ol’ days this year. Sorry, Tommy. WAR EAGLE 35, Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 28