Sunday, November 8, 2009

What we learned from Week 10

*That the reports of Greg McElroy's demise were greatly exaggerated. The Tide QB threw for 276 yards and a couple of TDs during the 3-Hour War with LSU. He was helped by a recovering Julio Jones and an offensive line that kept LSU's great athletes at bay. Did Patterson make the pick? Sure could have. Would it have mattered? LSU got 25 yards in the fourth quarter. The best team, clearly, won.

*That something still seems amiss in the Good Ship Gator. Seemed like every time I flipped over, The Chosen One was being sacked . . . by a VANDY player. There's inconsistency in the Florida offense right now and it may all come back to their quarterback's health. Tim Tebow remains the SEC's most dominant player, but he's still not playing at the level of last year. That said, the defending champs do more things well than any team in the conference.

*Maybe this is as good as it gets under Steve Spurrier. For the second straight week, his South Carolina team caved so quickly you could have sworn they were playing Clemson. Is his team's annual November swoon because Spurrier begins to run out of players or does he run out of players still willing to listen to him? When does the head coach begin to be held accountable for his team's repeated mistakes? On another bright note, here comes Florida!

So, the SEC Championship game is set. Big Deal. Too many potential trap games remain. And let's keep an eye on Georgia/Auburn. The Fighting Chizikians' performance in that one will give all of us a reading on the kind of stand they'll make in late November against Alabama. Another loss by Georgia -- with hated Tech looming -- would obviously bring more questions to bear on the future of the program and coach Mark Richt.

God love Navy!



Bigdawg said...

Not just what I learned in Week 10 but what I've learned through all 10 weeks in the world of sports blogging. Regardless of the situation or the subject or the team, it's always appropriate to say "You're stupid and your team sucks."

Cliff-Baton Rouge said...

The title of this "blog", if you want to give it such credibility, should be, "What we still have not learned, Week 10 edition." To say the better team won between LSU and Alabama is not fair. Sure, maybe the better team won, but the fact is we will never know. The officials blew Peterson's interception. Therefore, the outcome of the game was not in the hands of the players on the field. You could easily say, the SEC is protecting its power teams by having the officals call games certain ways, and then in an attempt to protect themselves from criticism they fine anyone who speaks out against thier officials. But then again, maybe they'll understand when Alabama loses to a "Utah" like team again. Nice try, but Alabama was not the better team. I also was there, in person to witness horrendous officiating once again by the SEC.

bama brother said...

I would say that Alabama certainly showed some improvement during the LSU game, and I was far more comfortable hearing Rammer-Jammer after it than I was after the Tennessee game.
..And yet..I think a healthy Jordan Jefferson would have made a difference in the game. Would he have changed the outcome? I don't know. But his mobility would have avoided some sacks and possibly brought them some first downs when they needed them.
If McElroy had gone down, what options did Alabama have? We do not have a backup quarterback who has seen the playing time that LSU's did.
I find myself wishing that we match up against somebody and both sides stay healthy, and there aren't any calls that leave one side saying afterward, "We got jobbed, etc."
Maybe that will come in Starkville, or in Auburn, or even in Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

Here are my observations:

Bigdawg - don't forget to include the fact that any and all criticism of another team is because "you're just jealous that my team is better than your team, and you're stupid and your team sucks."

-Who do we petition to voice an opinion that the first week of the season should always be intra-conference games, then all out-of-conference games should be finished by the second week of October?

-Just when you think Georgia Tech is ready to sit at the grown people table, they need OT to beat Fake Forest. Better clean things up before facing that real opponent in the Orange Bowl.

-Ohio State is going to the Rose Bowl. AGAIN. The strangely large crowd of graduates of the school of the Fightin' Nuts will start squaking again. Fortunately, we can always put Purdue in their faces.

-When is the Ball Coach going to admit he simply can't coach anymore? And whenever he does, what big-name has-been will they bring in next? Houston Nutt might be available.

-I cannot wait to hear Urban scream and bawl when Colt McCoy wins the Heisman trophy.

Bigdawg said...

MG, you're right about the Gators looking out of synch on offense. Their defense is as good or better than last year but the offense is not as good this year. I think your guys can take them in Atlanta.

Bigdawg said...

Know what else I learned? The ACC has 4 teams in the AP top 25 but the SEC only has 3. On the other hand all 3 of ours are in the top 10 but they only have 1 in the top 10 (GA Tech is 7th). I guess our excuse is we play tougher schedules because we play each other and beat each other up.