Friday, November 20, 2009

Who ya got -- RIP UGA VII edition

First of all: Damn good dawg.

It's a lame week of college football -- unless you care deeply about Ohio State-Michigan, in which case you probably enjoy a nice bowl of cream of wheat in the morning. Just think of it as the eye before next week's hurricane -- the Egg Bowl, LSU-Arkansas, Georgia-Georgia Tech, Florida-Florida State and of course Auburn-Alabama.

Tommy Tomlinson

LSU at Ole Miss -- This game would save the Rebels' season, and Dexter McCluster is making the CFB version of a salary drive -- the footage from the Tennessee game is now on every NFL scout's hard drive. But isn't this the kind of game Houston Nutt always loses, usually in heartbreaking fashion? Tigers, 24-23.

Kentucky at Georgia -- Joe Cox's last home game. Followed by Georgia Tech and the Weed Eater Bowl. Dawgs, 38-21.

Vandy at Tennessee -- Every year the back end of UT's schedule is as weightless as cotton candy. Vols, 33-13.

Mississippi State at Arkansas -- The Bulldogs look a lot better on the field, although it hasn't shown up yet on the won-loss record. Hawgs, 28-19.

Florida 63, Florida International 7

Alabama 45, UT-Chattanooga 3

Michael Gordon

Damn fine dog is right, Tommy, and too short a life. Hope he didn't suffer . . . beyond being associated with this Georgia team, I mean.

Ole Miss 24, LSU 19. Rebs, like last year, are rounding into shape a little late in the game, but just in time to raise more Corndog concerns about Les Miles.

Georgia 20, Kentucky 15: UGA gets a decent sendoff, by a big slobbering whisker.

Tennessee 24, Vandy 10. The Vols hold on. Good thing, too. Their coach is running short on scapegoats -- and players for that matter.

Arkansas 35, Miss. State 20: Table being set for big pig expectations next year.

Florida/Alabama combined 102, Florida International/UT-'Nooga combined: 17.


J said...

Funny the blogger should mention Ohio St-Michigan and cream of wheat. As someone who grew up about 1.25 hours from the Horseshoe, I actually do think a bowl of cream of wheat is good as long as it is cooked properly. And before Cracker Barrel, there was Bob Evans. Trust me, the Bob Evans restaurants in this part of the world are faint copies at best. The game really is important up there because that’s all they have. Indiana-Purdue? Illinois-Northwestern? Not very good. And the contrived Penn St-Michigan St thing is hardly a rivalry. So OSU-Michigan takes everyone’s attention. I always rooted for Michigan, just to be an antagonist (so yes, I’ve been like this all my life, not just on the SEC Expats blog).

Then in the late ‘80s everything changed. My dad moved to Huntsville AL for a new job, then I moved to Charlotte to go to UNCC. Coming from Big Ten country, I thought the ACC played good football. I was corrected in short order when exposed to more SEC ball, and getting to see the Iron Bowl hatred up close on a few visits to Dad’s. Now I know where ACC football ranks – over there in the landfill with the Big Ten. Too bad this week’s SEC slate is so similar.

Chattanooga at ‘Bama – ‘Bama gets a bye week before the Iron Bowl, just like Auburn. The Evil Empire 41, Chattanooga 7

FIU at Florida – The team with the growing thug reputation hosts the team that got into a street fight with Miami a few years ago. Hmmmmm….. Gators 31, FIU 3

Kentucky at Georgia – This game usually involves a lot of points. It’s hard to predict because there has been no rhyme, reason or pattern to the play of either team. Closing eyes, throwing dart at board... Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 31, Mildcats 28

Vanderbilt at Tennessee – So who is Tennessee’s main rival supposed to be, Vandy or Kentucky? Lane & Monty 38, Vandy 21

Misipi St at Ar-Kansas – Another off week for Mullet and friends. Ar-Kansas 41, Misipi St 21

LSU at Misipi – LSU takes 3 quarters to adjust to the fact that the opponent doesn’t speak Cajun. Too late. Misipi 24, LSU 21

Anonymous said...

You forgot Clemson/South Carolina - which would be the longest continuous rivalry in the country if they didn't ban play between 1902 and 1909 after several fights between students. The other rivalries get lots of press and cute names, but Clemson/South Carolina probably has the most passion.

Michael said...

Anon, Just think how good Clemson-Carolina would be if they played Division I football?

Just joking . . . I wonder if the game hasn't been hurt somewhat by Carolina's joining the SEC. After they run their season-ending gauntlet, they seem to stagger into this game shell-shocked, while Clemson is ascending.

Not a good combination.

Bigdawg said...

Hats off to Uga VII. J, I think you summed up the GA season when you said there has been no rhyme nor reason nor pattern to their play this year. I haven't been following KY's season but if they are the same way then flip a coin. Heads the Dawgs win, tails they lose.

As far as the other games are concerned, I hope Bama and the Gators are at least embarrassed that they are playing these patsies in late Nov. As far as the most interesting game of the day is concerned, I almost booked a flight to Vegas when I heard they were giving LSU and 4. Obviously there's something here I don't understand but I will be surprised if Ole Miss wins.

Anonymous said...

First RIP UGA VII..... UGA is a great mascot.

Tommy 1/2 of Tennessee's cotton candy soft end of season schedule just handled your dawgs...make you wonder who is soft.