Monday, November 30, 2009

Florida-Alabama factoids

Couple of things to consider while you're crunching numbers and matchups for the SEC title game:

* The Gators have been successful on 47.4 percent of their third-down attempts. (That's sixth in the country, and way ahead of Bama's 35.3 percent.)

* The Tide's Leigh Tiffin has more field goals -- 27 -- than anyone in the country.


Anonymous said...

I'll be glad to trade a Florida TD from TEBOW for an Alabama field goal from TIFFIN all day Saturday!


Michael said...

Alas, the difference in last year's game. Bama better do a better job with its chances or this one may not be that close.

J said...

I think it's going to be a close game decided in the last 2 minutes. Tennessee showed a good defense can slow Florida way down, and 'Bama just held the SEC's second-best offense to 21 points. The result is probably going to be similar to the UF-UT game, but 'Bama can't be easily dismissed.

Life is really going to suck for the losing team. Not only will they have lost the SEC title, they'll get TCU in a bowl game. Yikes!